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People can say they didn’t just see a show … they were part
of a show. Sophisticated audiences from London to Las Vegas
are mesmerized by the man they call “BASTILLE”.

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The ESP Show
Pick a thought … any thought. Master Mentalist BASTILLE knows what you’re thinking. As a headliner on cruise ships for over 10 years, this show is fast-paced and amazing, with lots of humorous audience interaction.

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The Hypnosis Show
BASTILLE skillfully and tastefully brings out the talent and personality of those that join him on stage for an evening of
exciting entertainment.

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The Finale – A Tribute To Veterans
Long before that fateful day in September, BASTILLE has been acknowledging our men and women of the armed services.
This touching tribute always receives a standing ovation.

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Mental Epic
Bastille and Kaya have blended their talents to create a variety show that exemplifies the best of yesteryear, in the style of Ed Sullivan and The London Palladium. This is a theatrical experience of fun and fascination.

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